Louis Lépine, famous inventor & founder of the invention contest of the same name , in which were presented inventions that have revolutionized our modern lives such as the vacuum, the ballpoint pen , the steam iron , the contact lenses.

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Many years later, his great grandson , Jacques Lépine in the aim to follow his ancestor footsteps started to imagine and develop a Smartfork to solve obesity diseases.

  • 2013

    MONNOT Invest fund takes participation allowing us to start several medical researches with scientific organizations and demonstrate the tool efficiency.

  • 2013-2019

    Conclusion of the studies highlighting the link between eating slowly and weight loss.

    ( CES Las Vegas WINNER )

    The technology is redesigned to be easier and affordable . New patents registered.

  • 2022

    The technology is improved to meet EU criterias and be prescribed by health professionals through Europe

    Over 100.000 satisfied patients.