Why the smart fork is so effective ?

1 - Automatisms

Because the act of eating has been repeated since childhood, automatisms set in.
The USA - Cornell Food Lab - 2006 research team estimated in a study that automatisms accounted for 80% of decisions. 20% of decisions are conscious.

2 - Willingness can no longer do anything during an episode of inattention

It is enough that inattention sets in for the automatisms to take control. Willingness will no longer be able to do anything to slow them down during periods of inattention. provided that life has anchored the eater in a way that is too fast, this one, despite the best will in the world, will eat too quickly during episodes where his thinking has no control.

Typical example of a fast eater using our smart fork

  • The first meal, the fork will vibrate every 80 seconds or so (the time that the inattention is reinstalled).
  • The second meal, the fork will vibrate every two minutes or so (the time that the inattention re-installs).
  • And one day, the fork will not vibrate because a new automatism will have been anchored in the brain. This automatism will be slower. Without any effort, in a pleasant and natural way, the eater then gets more benefits from his meal.
Meal duration 
without Smartfeed : 5 minutes 5 seconds.
with Smartfeed : 7 minutes 33 seconds.